Solar Battery Storage System

Why Choose Solar Energy?

Solar energy helps reduce the impact you, your family, your home, your appliances, and electronics have on the planet’s finite supply of resources. Clean energy generated by the sun reduces pollution and the effects of climate change. It also helps you reduce your energy bills, which only seem to increase over time.

On average, a quality solar photovoltaic (PV) system will reduce a household’s electric bill by 50 to 90 percent.* The amount of savings is determined by the size of the system — the larger the system, the more you will save.

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Enphase residential battery installation.

What Are Solar Batteries?

While PV panels on a home’s roof capture clean solar energy, consider the benefits of adding a solar backup battery to help you control your energy usage. A solar battery storage system stores the excess electricity that your PV panels generate for use during times when power is not being generated. The excess energy stored in your solar battery installation is used to power your home at night, on cloudy days and during power outages — occasions during which the solar panels generate an insufficient amount of electricity.

Solar batteries give homeowners the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their home will not lose power completely, even in a power outage. A solar battery also provides the homeowner greater control over the system; you can even monitor the performance of your solar panels via an app on your computer or smartphone.

Solar Battery Benefits

  • Storing excess energy produced during peak daylight hours can be used to power your home at night, on cloudy days, and during outages.
  • Solar energy storage allows you to draw electric power from your utility’s grid when it’s least expensive, i.e., during non-peak usage hours.
  • Solar power is a great investment in your home’s value. Solar batteries are eligible for a 30% federal tax credit and local incentives in some areas.


Why Solar Batteries?

Investing in solar batteries is a smart move for homeowners with PV panels. These batteries store surplus solar energy, providing a reliable power source during outages or when your PV panels aren’t generating electricity. This means consistent access to clean energy — even if the grid goes down at night.

Additionally, solar batteries can lead to substantial savings on energy bills by reducing your dependence on the utility grid — especially during peak demand times when electricity rates are higher.

What Are the Benefits of Solar Battery Storage?

Solar batteries offer a range of advantages including:

  • Energy independence: You can store emergency backup power for whenever the sun (or grid) goes down.
  • Financial savings: You can use stored energy during peak utility hours, which allows you to save more money.

Environmental savings: You can shrink your carbon footprint by powering more of your home with clean solar power.


Which Solar Batteries Should I Buy?

Choosing the right solar battery depends on your specific needs. At Sunburst Solar, we’re partial to the Enphase IQ battery due to its:

  • Enhanced power output: It’s capable of running high-demand appliances even during outages.
  • High capacity: Enphase offers enough storage to power major home appliances in the event of a grid failure.
  • User-friendly monitoring: It allows for easy performance tracking via a dedicated mobile app.

We prefer Enphase IQ for its superior features. However, as an experienced solar battery storage company, we can work with any brands that align with your requirements.

How Do I Get Solar Batteries Installed?

To install solar batteries with your PV system, follow these steps:

  1. Assessment: Contact Sunburst Solar for a free evaluation of your energy storage needs.
  2. Customization: We’ll recommend the best battery options, tailored to your specific energy requirements.
  3. Installation: Our team of trusted and experienced experts will handle the installation, ensuring seamless integration with your existing or new solar setup.

To get started, reach out to us for a free solar quote and our team will take care of the rest.

Saving the planet

While saving money is a pretty good reason for going solar, we want to remind you of the positive effects that a Sunburst Solar system has on the earth. We have helped thousands of homeowners like you save the planet by using clean, renewable solar energy. We estimate that our customers’ contributions over the next 20 years will have impacts equivalent to:


consuming 395,400 Gal. Of gas

Reducing 8,421,560 Miles of driving