Why Purchase Soloar Panels?

Solar panels are becoming increasing popular. Installation of residential solar systems in the U.S. has grown at an annual 42% rate during the last decade, according to the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). This increase is due is a result of a greater interest in sustainability as well as lower prices and the cost savings associated with going solar.


As the effects of climate change becomes more obvious, more and more Americans are concerned for the health of our planet and future generations. One of the goals of the federal government’s environmental policies is to reach 100% renewable energy by 2035. Solar energy plays a large role in meeting this goal.

Decreased Cost

During the last decade, the price of a home solar system has dropped by more than 70%. New manufacturing techniques have resulted in photovoltaic solar panels that are more efficient and less expensive. Installation is less expensive due to lighter panels that make mounting easier. Government incentives have contributed to falling prices as well.

Cost Savings

Everyone wants lower electricity bills! A solar energy system can significantly reduce energy bills for homeowners who have gone solar.


How Solar Saves You Money

By generating power from the sun, solar systems reduce your reliance on the utility’s steadily increasing electricity rates. During your free virtual consultation, one of our experts will explain how solar saves money and provide you with a specific estimate based on:

  • The size of the system required to meet your home’s needs
  • Your typical monthly energy usage
  • Your usual appliance electricity usage
  • The number of kilowatt-hours (kw or kWH) you wish to produce

Beyond the direct savings offered by solar systems, you benefit financially from the increase in your home’s resale value, the federal solar tax credit, net metering programs, and any available federal, local and utility rebates for which you qualify. Have we convinced you that going solar is a great decision?


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How Many Solar Panels You Need

To determine the number of solar panels your home needs, our experts analyze a number of factors:

The Amount of Sunshine Your Home Receives During Peak Hours. Google’s Project Sunroof tool estimates the number of hours of usable sunlight per year, how many square feet you have available for solar panels, and the estimated cost savings for your roof over 20 years.

If you proceed to plug in your average monthly electric bill, you get an estimate of the solar system size you need to cover the percentage of your power usage you wish your system to produce. Check it out!

Your Home Energy Goals. Do you want to produce enough solar energy to fulfill all your home energy needs? Or would you like to only cover a portion of your energy use? Your response determines the number of solar panels you should purchase, and the battery storage required to meet your nighttime power needs.

The Quality of Solar Panels You Choose. The solar panel’s materials and brand affect the amount of energy your panels produce. The highest-quality panels produce the greatest amount of energy, and you need fewer of them compared to panels of lesser quality (and cost).

The Amount of Electricity You Use. Reviewing your utility bills to determine the amount of electricity you typically use per month will help us figure out how much energy you need your panels to capture and, ultimately, the number of panels you need.

Look at a recent electricity bill, find the “kilowatt hours used,” and then divide by the number of days or hours within that time period. If your bill shows a 30-day time period, divide the monthly total by 30 to get the daily usage and then by 24 to get your hourly kilowatt hour (kWh) usage. For reference, in 2019 the average homeowner consumed about 877 kWh per month. This is about 30 kWh per day and 1.2 kWh per hour.

If you need assistance with these calculations, please schedule an appointment with a Sunburst Solar specialist. We’re happy to help!

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